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digital painting

Have good taste in art

and better taste in people.

AW Collection

welcome to my head

concept of existence.jpg

friends & faces.

I am because you are. A tribute to my people, my world.



The world is a mess, so take her seriously with looots of humor...


We have art so that we shall not die of reality...

time for outrage.

Deforestation, species extinction, the silent disappearance of indigenous tribes ... and although I really want to kill poachers, bring down logging companies or burn bibles to show my disgust, my sadness and my powerlessness, I have no other choice but to vomit out pictures...


simia peccatum.

The Seven Deadly Sins from Pieter Brueggel – insane work! We're all sinners, it's fun. And so easy to blame someone else. It's in our DNA. So not our fault.  Let`s blame our ancestors …

angry kidz.

Indignez-vous!  A book that everyone should read. Written long before Friday for Future and all the Gretas of our world.

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